About The Game


As a family of musical theatre lovers there was a massive void in our life during Covid isolation until we were asked to test drive Theatre In A Box! A fantastic evening of singing, charades and excellent banter about all our favourite shows! This team game was enjoyed by everyone from my 9 year old niece right through to my 74 year old dad. We can’t wait to play it again!

Jenny K

I love board games AND musical theatre but I’m shy and was worried I would have to sing and act repeatedly in front of the group.  But the large variety of questions was great.  I was particularly good at the cryptic show title questions and I loved seeing my friends in their element with the ‘Entertain’ cards.  Such a good night, we will be playing again soon!

Jo H

The Game

Theatre in a Box

is the party board game for musical theatre lovers.

With your combination of performance skills, general musical theatre knowledge and a little bit of luck you can be the ‘triple threat’ that collects the most tickets to win the game.

Theatre in a Box is purpose built for the S.T.A.G.E with

5 unique categories of question and chance cards! 


Identify a musical from the song title or sing the next line of the song to collect valuable tickets.

Tears and Cheers:

Game levelling chance cards that could make or break your Production. They’ll have you in tears or saying “cheers”.  Keep an eye out for production team swaps that can be a game changer that effects the end results!


Name musicals and other items using a letter or letters, unjumble scrambled words and more.

Use the 20 sided Alpha-die!

General Knowledge:

Name the musical from a line of dialogue, cryptic clues plus multiple-choice questions testing your knowledge from stage right to left.


Mime, charade, hum, whistle or dance for your chance to add to your all-important ticket total.


Production and team crew!


Whilst YOU are the star of this show, we also have 18 production team characters to support you. They even help earn you tickets to win the game. They’ve been professionally illustrated and their personas woven into the playing features of Tears and Cheers cards.

What’s in the box?

5 Player tokens
2 six sided dice

1 Alpha-Die

400 Tickets
342 Unique Playing Cards
18 Production Team Cards
Rule book
30 second Timer


What you see here is just a sample serving of our character artwork. Plenty more to come!

Are you ready to shine like the star that you are?