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Brenton Crewes

Flynn Crewes

Paul Morrison

Brenton had childhood dreams of creating a board game and never shelved the idea even with the reality and demands of adulthood.


In early 2019 Brenton had the idea of creating a musical theatre themed board game, but was caught up in the daily grind. The COVID-19 lockdown presented a break from his job and his world as a parent supporting his children in community musical theatre, ground to a halt! No more set building, working backstage, watching shows, meeting with other musical theatre absorbed families at rehearsals and after parties, or running the kids to singing lessons.

Brenton describes how the idea for Theatre in a Box came to him one day mowing the lawn. As he mowed, he was thinking about those affected in the performing arts community, both local to him and abroad. He quickly shared his idea with his son, Flynn, a regular performer and friend Paul; a third-generation musical theatre performer.

Together the two families have worked night and day to bring their passion-fuelled project to the stage.

Their dream is that Theatre in Box will quickly become a much-loved family favourite receiving a standing ovation!


Chookas from Brenton, Flynn and Paul.

This 2020 vision and passion project, has been directed by Brenton, Flynn and Paul with the support of their families.

Between them and their creative team they have written, produced, directed, stage-managed, props-managed, set designed/built, sung, danced and acted their way through a collective 223 shows. Yes ……shows, we didn’t even try and add up how many performances, but it’s a lot!

They are thrilled to bring Theatre in a Box to the world stage and into your home.


Brenton Crewes

Long-time musical theatre enthusiast, Brenton at 48 years of age still rates Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as his favourite musical movie. He fondly recalls taking The Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, Austria. He loved seeing the musical’s famous church, gazebo, and other landmarks from the musical.

Raising three musical theatre-loving kids, he delights in being involved in their musical theatre endeavours. Whether it be watching proudly from the audience, helping backstage or just driving them to and from rehearsals.

Brenton loves playing board games, learning about the performing arts, and listening to all styles of music including the new musical tunes introduced to him by his children. He is also a huge fan of 80s and 90s movies. Brenton is probably best described as a big kid at heart.

His favourite board game is Scrabble and his favourite musical is The Rocky Horror Show.


Flynn Crewes

At the ripe old age of 16 Flynn has already crammed in 16 musical theatre productions in just seven years. Progressing quickly from the ensemble to lead roles, Flynn recently tried his hand at being on the production team as an assistant director.

Flynn has been a great contributor to Theatre In A Box with his knowledge and enthusiasm. He would one day love to visit Broadway or even better perform there!

His favourite all-time characters are Disney’s The Lion King’s Scar a role which he played in 2019 (Regals Musical Society) and his dream role is Matilda’s Trunchbull.

Flynn’s favourite board game is Dr Who Risk and his favourite musical is Book of Mormon.


Paul Morrison

Paul has been involved in musical theatre his entire life.

As a third-generation member of his local company; The Regals Musical Society, he recalls attending rehearsals in his pyjamas and sleeping in a nest of blankets in the corner. Paul has almost lost count on how many shows he has performed and gained a wealth of theatre knowledge from his lifetime involvement in the theatre.

His own children have now been infected with theatre bug and he even met his wife on stage!

Professionally, Paul also has considerable experience in the print industry.

Paul’s favourite board game is Balderdash and his favourite musical is Sweeney Todd (closely followed by Tickets Please – The Musical).